Monday, 30 April 2012

Funky 16th Birthday Cupcakes

A friend asked for some cupcakes for her sister's 16th birthday.  The brief was chocolate cupcakes with funky bright icing on them as she's 'slightly out there'!!!

These looked really cool when they were done, the icing was a bright green and hot pink.  I have been trying to do 'arty' things to the pics so the colour does look a little vivid!

Footy Fan Birthday Cupcakes

These were made for a Man City fan's birthday at the weekend.  6 chocolate and 6 vanilla cupcakes decorated with a football theme........

Movie Theme 16th Birthday Cake & Cupcakes

What a busy baking weekend!!!  My dining room turned into a production line and I barely saw OH (don't know whether he was secretly quite pleased with that as it meant uninterrupted football / sports viewing on the TV!!)

A bit of a last minute cake & cupcake request came in on Monday night for a movie themed cake needed for the weekend.  I decided on a clapperboard with film reels.  They looked quite effective and I was really pleased with the outcome.  24 vanilla cupcakes with the number 16 on them were also done to go with the cake.  A very early Saturday morning drop off was made as OH was dashing off to the football but everyone was very pleased with the result!  An Oscar winning cake maybe?!?!?!?!!?  ha ha!!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Clock Cake

The little boy whose Treasure Chest Birthday cake I did a few weeks ago, well his little brother has a birthday this week and his favourite toy apparently is a clock that is from the Early Learning Centre and his mum asked if I could replicate the clock for him.  This is my interpretation of it!

I marbled the main icing to try and produce a 'wood grain' effect (the clock is wooden) and I had cutters that matched most of the shapes around the outside of the clock.  Overall, I think it looks pretty good!