Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Birthday Butterflies

A lovely butterfly cake for my friends mum who likes butterflies!  The butterflies were actually a lot paler in 'real-life' so the whole effect was quite delicate.

Pearl lustre spray is my new favourite thing at the moment (the stuff smells like the drink american cream soda!) so everything is getting sprayed with it!!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

40th Twin Birthday

Two good friends of mine turned 40...both are big Liverpool supporters.  I had trouble in my household doing this cake as my OH is an avid Everton supporter!  Sabotage could have happened very easily!!

Gorgeous Godson

My godson is 16! Eek! where did all that time fly by?!!

He was most impressed that I used 'real' popcorn!! Lol!

Christmas Cupcakes

A friend who is a teaching assistant wanted Christmas cupcakes to give out to her class when they broke up for the holidays.  These proved quite popular with their little individual cases!

Christening Cake

Arrrrgh!  Its been soooooooo long since I last 'blogged'!!!  Happy New Year to my few readers!!  Its been a busy few weeks and I'm now going to bombard my page with updated pics of cakes that were done over the Christmas period!!

Lets kick off with a lovely & simple christening cake.  It turned out so nice, I was really pleased with it.  Accompanying cupcakes went with it and according to the family it all went down a treat!

The cake itself was vanilla with vanilla buttercream filling.