Monday, 9 July 2012

Baby Shower

Mrs S is about ready to pop out Little S! So me and Chief Taster and another friend decided to throw her a Baby Shower a couple of weeks ago.

A few silly games were done, including making Mrs S decide what was the 'content' of several nappies and guessing the 'flavour' of jars of baby food!  We then had a big fat baby-tastic quiz and finally we had Guess Who where we all had to supply baby pictures of ourselves and a present day picture and then we had to match the pictures up.

I have to say, I did think my picture was 'quality' as my OH says.....nothing has really changed much in adult life......still got that glass in my hand and not letting go!

Chief Taster went from that to Chief Butty Maker for the day as she prepared lots of sandwiches for us all to nibble on throughout the afternoon.  Unfortunately it absolutely chucked it down with rain so we couldn't go outside as we had planned, but it worked out quite well at the end of the day.

I made a Red Velvet Cake with a delicious Mascarpone Cream Cheese Frosting on (my new favourite frosting at the moment) and a Strawberry & Rose Scented Cream filled Sponge by special request of Chief Taster and some vanilla cupcakes with little blue baby feet & hearts on (Little S is a boy!)

We decided as a little treat, everyone received a Hotel Chocolat's Millionaire Shortbread Chocolate complete in a Mini Munchkin box to take home with them....

Mini Munchkin - Boy
Mrs S had a great day, got lots of lovely goodies for Little S and everyone seemed to have a good time!  Result!  Now we just have to wait for the little fella's grand appearance!

Number One Niece's Birthday

Number One Niece turned 9 this weekend! Time has literally flown by so quickly and she is now getting so grown up.....and tall!!

She said she wanted her cake to be a surprise and I was keen to try my giant cupcake mould again so I settled on that idea for her and to make it 'girly'.

I made flowers, glittery hearts, rosebuds, butterflies to decorate with and did her name spelt out on glittery hearts.

I also decided to cover the base using fondant icing (You-Tubing again) and it was ok to do actually, I thought I might run into problems but it was relatively simple.  It took a bit of time smoothing the grooves into the icing but once done it looked very effective.  I iced the top in a pale pink buttercream and decorated it up.

All the colours were actually a lot paler in 'real-life', they seem to have come out quite vivid on the pictures.  I used a mixture of white, pale pink, hot pink & lilac / purple.

She loved it which was all that mattered to me!

The Beautiful Birthday Girl!!

May The Force Be With You...Star Wars Cake

Well not really may the force be with was a Darth Vader cake and he didn't say that line!  This was for Harry's 5th birthday and I'm sure the Star Wars theme was more for his Dad than him!!!!! But nonetheless, Darth Vader was immortalised on cake.....well on an icing sheet that gave me no end of trouble to be honest.

In fact, I would be very reluctant to use the transfer icing sheet way again, I couldn't get it off the backing sheet (despite You-Tubing how to do it!), it cracked; it was just generally very fiddly and considering I was doing 3 cakes this weekend, it was time consuming.  But I eventually got the sheet on top of the cake.

The figures were kindly donated by my OH who happens to be a Star Wars fan and these were put round the edge of the cake.

I think he liked it; couldn't hang around for this party, it was  literally a fly-by, drop cake off & go kind of affair as it was Number One Niece's birthday that day as well and her cake needed taking to her party.