Friday, 28 October 2011

Thank You Cupcakes

To say thank you to Linda & Tom for the use of their caravan whilst we were away, I made a few cakes for them....I don't think they lasted long!

Grandad's Birthday

It was Grandad's birthday last week so as we were visiting, it was cupcake time!!

Anniversary Cupcakes

It was a popular week for anniversaries....these ones I did in a mixture of hot pink and jade green swirly cupcases and topped with a selection of flowers and hearts.....


A colleague of OH wanted some cupcakes making to celebrate his first wedding anniversary.  His wife loved the colour purple so he wanted a purple theme to the cakes with one being decorated in a cream coloured buttercream with the number 1 on it to mark their first year of marriage.

I managed to find some lovely metallic purple cupcases which were embossed with swirls on the bottom ( and some beautiful lilac glitter (£1.94).  I already have a dark purple glitter which I don't get much opportunity to use, but this was the perfect time to dig it out.

Half the cakes were vanilla sponge and the other half were red velvet.  Typically the red velvet cakes have a cream cheese frosting on top which compliments the sponge really well but I was asked to do buttercream on all of them.

I coloured the buttercream a purple / lilac colour and decorated with hearts and flowers.  I think the overall look came out well and I hope they were pleased with them.

Cupcake Madness

Phew! Last week was all a bit chaotic with cupcake madness...Me & OH were planning a few days away on the Yorkshire coast but before that I had 84 cupcakes to bake, ice and decorate and everyone wanted them for Friday......Thursday was a loooooooong night!

The dining room was turned into an assembly line and baking commenced at 1900 hrs.....I finally finished at 1230 hrs and that included a delivery drop off as well so I don't think I did too bad.

I have decided to list them all separately as they were all for different people, the bulk of which were for Super Niece Chloe who was leaving her school and wanted to give all her classmates (all 36 of them!!) a cupcake to say goodbye.  She also very kindly gave some people 2 cakes if they had a little brother or sister, but didn't save Grandma and Grandad any!!  Anyway, in my rush to get them to my sisters that night so Chloe could take them in the morning with her to school, I forgot to take any pictures....duh!  But they were vanilla sponge with a small swirl of vanilla buttercream, topped with all different shades of blue stars with a sprinkling of blue glitter.  Apparently they went down very well which was nice.

Monday, 17 October 2011

New Home

My sister finally got to move house at the weekend so of course celebratory cupcakes were in order!  Just a plain vanilla were whipped up Friday evening for delivery round to the new house on Saturday morning.

This week Thursday is going to be a little bit chaotic.....84 cupcakes to bake, ice and decorate.....everyone wants them for a Friday!!  Hopefully me & OH will have a nice few relaxing days on the Yorkshire coast to enjoy afterwards though.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hope You Are Feeling Better Cupcakes

A request from someone in OH's office for some cupcakes for her mum who had not been too well recently.  I wanted to do something pretty and I think these turned out very well.  Hope Cheryl and more importantly, her mum like them!

The picture quality has come out slightly more brighter than they are in real-life so to speak.  They are actually a lot paler and softer in colour.  The buttercream is not as yellow as it appears and the green is actually very pale, but you get the idea.....

Monday, 10 October 2011

Dancing Ballerina's

Photographs are not great (due to rushing around as I was late!), so please excuse the messy dining room in the background, but this is Lauren's Dancing Ballerina cake finished.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Dancing Princesses (work in progress)

Tonight I will be doing a dancing princess cake for my friends little girl's birthday party on Sunday.  I started the princesses last week and completed them last night.  Very simple but quite effective I thought, I was very pleased with the results.  Their 'bodies' are made of fondant and they sit on top of an upside down fairy cake with 4 more empty fairy cases on top to make the 'skirt'

The cake itself will have clouds and turrets on it with the princesses 'dancing' around the outside.  I have got a flower shaped cake board to put everything on so I think it will look good when finished

Princesses with the 'skirts'

Princesses with just the body

Friday Cupcake Cheer!

Had a few cakes left over from my order last night so decided to treat the ladies in OH's office.

So, Ve, Caroline & Tina......hope you all enjoy and happy Friday!! x

Number One

I completed an order last night for a cake shaped as a number one.  Unbelievably it has taken me 2 days to do this cake (along with 16 cupcakes!).  Number cakes are a lot fiddlier than they look!

First was to bake 2 rectangles of sponge.  I just used my regular victoria sponge cake recipe and split the mixture between 2 tins, but the sponges looked slightly on the thin side so I then made another batch and just put all the mixture into one tin.  This made a better thickness of sponge and so they were all sandwiched together with jam and vanilla buttercream.

Then came hurdle wasn't level.  Grrrrrr.  Spent the next 30 mins levelling the cake.  Then I placed my carefully drawn template on top and started to cut.......

Hurdle not cut up lovely looking victoria sponge filled with lovely, lovely jam and buttercream when you are trying very hard to diet.  Obviously the cake had to be tested (quality control and all that!)  But oooh, the temptation to eat the rest of it was high!  Had to shout for OH to come and take the plate holding the off-cuts away.  He got rid of most of it by, well, eating it!!

Hurdle Three.......icing it!  Now you wouldn't think it would be that hard to cover a pretty much square shaped cake, well believe me it is.  But I got it done and it looked good, especially when the bow was put on.

After laboriously cutting out mini daisies and 'painting' their centres with pink lustre dust I was finally ready to decorate and finish the cake off.

16 cupcakes were done (vanilla & chocolate) decorated with little butterflies and flowers with a light dusting of lilac & pink glitter.  Perfect for any little girls' 1st birthday!