Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Waybaloo Birthday Cake

Imogen whose Christening cake I did earlier on in the year has turned one!  How time flies......As Imogen loves the Waybaloo's (apparently its the music!) then the cake was made based on these characters.  I had never heard of them, let alone seen the Waybaloo's so a bit of internet research had to be done, but this was my interpretation of them!

Mum's Birthday Art Class Treat

As part of her birthday present I made my mum some cupcakes to take to her art class that she goes to each week.  36 various flower design cupcakes were made.  It was a good job that I made too many flowers when I was doing the 80th Birthday Cake as these spare ones came in very hand to just pop in the top of these vanilla cupcakes saving me a lot of time!

Monday, 14 November 2011

80th Birthday Cake

I think this has been my most ambitious cake yet.  A two tiered birthday cake decorated with lots and lots of tiny flowers in a swag effect around both tiers along with butterflies on wires coming out of the middle of the top tier.

It turned out very well and I was very pleased with it.  It was for my friends mum whose birthday it was and they all loved it and apparently it all got eaten which is always a good sign!

I started making the flowers on Sunday evening and had 3 foam sheets worth of them done, far too many for the cake, but just in case any broke as they can be  very delicate when set and easily snap.  Each one was cut out and then a tiny 'pearl' was set into the middle of each flower.  Each butterfly was also painted with edible glitter down the centre of the body.  To say it was time consuming is a slight understatement!!

The bottom tier was baked on and iced separately in order to give the icing time to set.  The top tier again was done separately.  I got some strange looks when I explained that there were actually straws in the middle of the bottom tier but these make great support structures for when you have a heavy second cake layer to put on top.  Just insert them and simply snip to the right height.

All the flowers were glued on by hand and each one had to be pressed gently in place until the edible glue slightly set them.  The swags were done by marking off a cross vertically and horizontally on the cake so you got 4 points.  I put a pin on each marker point and then with a long necklace pinned a link and then draped the chain to meet the next pin and then pinned the link etc.  Once done I traced round the swag with a scriber tool to give me the outline to following with the flowers.

The butterflies on the topper I cut a little thicker out of sugarpaste so I could insert a wire dipped in edible food glue in the body post.  These were then set in a food grade food post that you insert into the cake.

I took quite a few pics!!!

Friday, 11 November 2011


This week has been very full on and busy.  I've made over 200 sugarpaste flowers for a big two tiered birthday cake that I will be finishing tonight.  Fingers crossed (and everything else) that it goes according to plan!!

In the meantime, just about managed to squeeze in a spiderman cake for one of Chief Taster's friends' little boy whose birthday it is at the weekend.  The city-scape looks quite cool around the outside of the cake, even if it was very fiddly to do (lots of little squares).

It was another late night again last night and I'm sure tonight will be the same.  I was saying to a friend the other day; I used to remember when my Sunday evenings were all about the recovery of the night before....now they mainly consist of making sugarpaste flowers (or something else for the top of a cake) and fitting in a quick watch of Strictly Come Dancing!!  How very rock and roll..... lol!!

Anyway, here is the cake.....

Monday, 7 November 2011


I quickly made some cupcakes to go alongside Issy's birthday cake..

The Princess & The Cat!

A Princess & a Cat was the brief for Issy's 2nd birthday.....oh, and sparkles!!

Two Tier Christening Cake

I did a two tiered christening cake at the weekend.  Not really done a two tiered cake before and they are tricky to say the least, mainly with having to handle the cakes, picking them up when they are covered etc without ruining your icing.

Anyway, managed it (with a little help from straws in the bottom tier to give some support).

The little feet are from the cake lady on the market who is always very helpful.  The finished bootees had ribbon on them as well.