Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Girlie Birthday Cakes & Edible Diamonds!!!!

Made a few cakes last night for a friend at short notice for her daughter's birthday which is today.  They were just plain vanilla and I did pink & cream icing on top.  I used two different piping nozzles, one a largish open star shape and the other a more squareish star shaped one (did that make sense?!) A picture may make it easier!!
I used the one on the left to make the 'rose' effect and the one on the far right to make the swirl.
These are available from Lakeland for about £12 and they are great nozzles

Should one get excited about edible diamonds?!  I think so!!  I was most excited today to receive my latest addition to my cake craft collection.  They are quite expensive so will only be used sparingly but they are just so.....diamondy!!!!  I am going to put them in roses which will be on a silver wedding anniversary cake  that I am making for Ve this weekend.  I think they will look great!  I got them from and considering I only ordered them at 3pm yesterday, they came this morning which was good going!

Busy weekend ahead (again!) I've got Ben's Buzz Lightyear birthday cake & 24 cupcakes to do for Sunday which I hope (fingers crossed) will look as good as it does in the picture I am working from and hopefully he will like it and I hope Ve likes the Silver Wedding Anniversary cake as she left the design up to me!

I had a few nice compliments about my cakes this week, first one from Christian's mum who I made the flower cake for.....she sent me a nice thank you card and a M&S voucher which was lovely and the second from my neighbour over the road who has just had a baby girl and I took her over some cupcakes with little pink bootees on.  She asked Jess (my other neighbour & taster!) where I had bought them from and when Jess explained that I had baked them, she said she was very impressed!

Really should get back to work now.....

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