Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Heather's Birthday Cake

I had a 'commission' by my niece Chloe to make her mum a birthday cake.  Her instructions were, (given over a series of whispered conversations & telephone calls I might add), to make the cake with pink things on it and with the writing 'Happy Birthday Sister.....You Are Old'!!

I thought I might change the brief slightly, i.e lose the wording! But I did go with the pink theme (ish) and did various sizes of white & black flowers with a pink centre.  I even added at the last minute some of my ludicrously expensive 'diamond' crystals to go in the centre of the two largest flowers, something which Chloe took great delight in and wanted to eat both of them!  I also made a vibrant pink buttercream for the filling.

Guess who ate the biggest piece?........Chloe!

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