Friday, 1 July 2011

Patch the Puppy Dog

Little Mr Harry Holden is 4 next week and for his party this weekend I have made Patch the Puppy dog along with his cakepop friends!

Patch was made using a basic sponge mix recipe and dividing between 2 pyrex bowls (one slightly smaller than the other).  You just have to keep checking after 20 minutes as to whether the sponges are cooked all the way through.  The smaller bowl took around 35 minutes and the larger one around 50 minutes.  Leave to cool which takes quite a while before spreading buttercream on and then I used a pre-rolled icing sheet to cover.

The cake pops were tricky to do.  They taste great though but does that outweigh the fussiness in making them?  Its all very fiddly if I'm honest, the candy melt stuff sets very quickly so its a rush to get the stuff on the cake and then if you put too much on its difficult to even the covering out.  It took me 3 and a half hours to make 18 of them!  You can now buy the candy melt chocolate in Hobbycraft but at £3.99 a bag, its not cheap stuff, especially when you want 4 different colours!

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