Friday, 31 August 2012

Engagement Cakes

Hello!  I'm back from taking a well earned holiday with the OH, in fact we've been back a month but I've just been too lazy to blog!  Had a thoroughly fabulous time in Turkey, gained weight (booo!) by eating too much delicious bread, Kunefe & Hosmerim and the most amazing lamb!  Even though I am not too keen in general on lamb, every dish I had on holiday was just great.  Kunefe and Hosmerim were two of the local desert dishes that me & OH took quite a taking to!  Sweet.....but oh so nice!!

Anyway, enough of post-holiday ramblings and back to baking.  I must say I am loving the Great British Bake Off that is currently on BBC2 at the moment....the standard of bakes has improved dramatically since the program first started a few years ago.  Some of the tarts that they created this week were amazing! Plus there is always the advantage of watching Mr Hollywood, the Silver Fox......very easy on the eye!!

I'm now getting back into the swing of baking again after not doing any for a few weeks so when my friend Mrs S & her husband, Mr S welcomed baby Oliver (formerly known as Little S) into the world I made them a few loaf cakes to see them through the plethora of visitors that would be going through their house over the coming week to see Oliver.  I made from the Hummingbird Bakery the very delicious Honey & Walnut Loaf Cake and a couple of Banana Cakes.  I'm not sure that the honey & walnut one made it to their guests as I think they secretly snaffled that one to themselves, but I think the banana ones made it to some guests at least!!  But it was when OH mentioned that Ve's daughter had got engaged recently; the perfect excuse to dust the pinny off & get some cupcakes done was made!

Congratulations to Amy & Tom!

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