Monday, 4 April 2011


The second birthday cake that I was making on Friday night was for a friend who, even at 36 is still a big fan of Superman!  I had banished him to wait outside whilst I was setting up the cupcakes in his dining room on the stand as I wanted the cakes to be a surprise for him....unfortunately 5 year olds sometimes don't  grasp the idea behind what a surprise is and  rushed in to have a look and then all proceeded to shout out...'wow.....SUPERMAN!!!'  Ben, my friend's son, then shouted.....'My Daddy LOVES Superman!' and then they all wanted to eat the cakes!  I had also made cupcake wrappers with the Superman logo on but forgot to take a picture of them!

All in all the cakes / cupcakes went down well and the party was great too!

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