Tuesday, 19 April 2011

More Easter Designs

I had seen some cupcakes done on another blog with some really great toppers so I thought I would give them a go; it was a bit fiddly but I passed away a Saturday afternoon quite happily making little ducks and rabbits..the rabbits were more tricky as their whiskers consisted of sifting out the white strands out of hundreds & thousands which I then painstakingly filtered through again to find the longest ones!  Worth it in the end as they looked really good.  I made lemon cupcakes as the base which just gave the cakes a nice lift.

So, remember folks.......give cupcakes instead of eggs this Easter!!

I am looking forward to going to the Lancashire Market which is being held on this Saturday on Friargate in Preston.;  Its a really good market and they close the roads so you can have a good wander about....lots of great 'foodie' stalls on

Happy Easter!

Look at those whiskers!!  Amazing.....!

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