Monday, 6 June 2011

Retirement Cake

A last minute order was placed by my friend the other day to do a retirement cake for her Aunt.  I had been wanting to try out making my own star cake topper as I am always surprised as to how much they are when they look so simple, effective but simple, so thought this was an ideal moment.

I now realise why they are expensive!!  They take forever to do as they are so fiddly!  Trying to get the stars to stay on the wire; making sure the stars are not too thin and then trying to put glitter on everything, well.......lets just say it was a challenging task and next time I will give myself a little bit more time go do everything.  I thought the feathers were nice and 'bulked' out the topper.  They were from Hobbycraft and the wire was from Ebay.

I was doing the letters of the cake till quite late one night and I think I was a bit tired, as I was looking at the board I had all the letters on, I suddenly realised that I had the letter O and E missing.  I couldn't figure out where they had gone as I had definitely cut all the right letters was very strange.

I then felt something on my arm and there they were!  I had leaned over to get something and they had stuck to my arm.  I decided enough was enough for one night!

I used a textured sheet to make the pattern on the white icing.  Simply place the sheet over the top of your rolled icing and rub over with your rolling pin.  You have to be quite firm to get the indentation and I then dusted over with a white lustre dust just to give a sheen that picked up the pattern.

The sheets were in a packs of 4 and were £4.50 per pack.  There are 5 sets all in all.  They have patterns to make bricks, stars, lace, scales and more.  I also have just purchased a rolling pin set of 2 rollers; one with a bark pattern on and the other with a floral type print which was £5.50 for the 2.  They are only small but do the job.  They were all from a website called  They have some quite good bargains on their site and are not too badly priced for their cutters.  The food grade cake picks that the wires go into were from Ebay and I think they were only a couple of pounds for a pack of 10.

All in all, Ellen liked her cake as it was a surprise for her & everyone was happy!

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