Friday, 16 December 2011

Festive Cupcakes

Last night was a bit of a late one, I finally finished all my baking & decorating and managed to sit down at 12.45am!! well as finishing off Amy's 21st cake (see previous post), I made some festive cupcakes for OH's office as its their last day in work before Christmas.  Making of the cupcakes itself were no problem, the toppers were a little bit more time consuming!  I went with little penguins (once you got on a roll making them they were ok to do, but black fondant is messy to work with; it stains your hands and is very soft), holly leaves with silver glitter and red berries and green glitter Christmas trees.  I coloured some vanilla buttercream a bright green and swirled on top of the cakes.

I also made them some of my festive streusel mince pies so hopefully their last office meeting with morning will be truly festive!!

Only 2 more cakes to do this weekend and then that's me hanging up my apron for this year!

Happy Christmas x

Green Glitter Christmas Trees

Silver Glitter Holly Leaves & Red Berries

Little Mr Penguin!


  1. Your festive cakes are gorgeous. My favourite is the glittery Christmas tree

  2. Thanks Shaheen! Apparently people in my husband's office were fighting over the penguin ones!!

    Happy Christmas!