Monday, 9 July 2012

Number One Niece's Birthday

Number One Niece turned 9 this weekend! Time has literally flown by so quickly and she is now getting so grown up.....and tall!!

She said she wanted her cake to be a surprise and I was keen to try my giant cupcake mould again so I settled on that idea for her and to make it 'girly'.

I made flowers, glittery hearts, rosebuds, butterflies to decorate with and did her name spelt out on glittery hearts.

I also decided to cover the base using fondant icing (You-Tubing again) and it was ok to do actually, I thought I might run into problems but it was relatively simple.  It took a bit of time smoothing the grooves into the icing but once done it looked very effective.  I iced the top in a pale pink buttercream and decorated it up.

All the colours were actually a lot paler in 'real-life', they seem to have come out quite vivid on the pictures.  I used a mixture of white, pale pink, hot pink & lilac / purple.

She loved it which was all that mattered to me!

The Beautiful Birthday Girl!!

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