Monday, 9 July 2012

May The Force Be With You...Star Wars Cake

Well not really may the force be with was a Darth Vader cake and he didn't say that line!  This was for Harry's 5th birthday and I'm sure the Star Wars theme was more for his Dad than him!!!!! But nonetheless, Darth Vader was immortalised on cake.....well on an icing sheet that gave me no end of trouble to be honest.

In fact, I would be very reluctant to use the transfer icing sheet way again, I couldn't get it off the backing sheet (despite You-Tubing how to do it!), it cracked; it was just generally very fiddly and considering I was doing 3 cakes this weekend, it was time consuming.  But I eventually got the sheet on top of the cake.

The figures were kindly donated by my OH who happens to be a Star Wars fan and these were put round the edge of the cake.

I think he liked it; couldn't hang around for this party, it was  literally a fly-by, drop cake off & go kind of affair as it was Number One Niece's birthday that day as well and her cake needed taking to her party.

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