Friday, 9 September 2011

Monster Madness

A very late night last night finishing off Chief Taster's little boy's birthday cake.  Who knew that a dome shaped cake would take so long to cool down?!  Over an hour and a half for it to cool!!  It took over an hour to cook as well, seriously putting me behind on time.  But it did gave me time to do a last minute order for my OH who casually mentioned he'd like a dozen cupcakes for his work colleague's birthday the next day when he came home that evening!! (Hope you enjoy them Caroline!!).

Well, here we have a very handsome chap......

I got the great purple coloured icing from  It was slightly more expensive than normal at £3.15 for a 500g pack but I thought it was worth it for the overall effect of the cake.

The cake itself consists of 3 layers of cake using 7" cake tins sandwiched together and then on top I used a small dome shaped bowl to cook a cake in (took about an hour, plus an hour and a half cooling!!)  I used the same quantities of  mixture as if I was making a victoria sponge cake.  Then I crumb coated everything and placed two cupcakes (also crumb coated) for his feet and then a slightly smaller cupcake (cut in half) for his tummy bulge.  I used two packs of icing to cover him and to make his extremities!!

The book I was working from suggested using a sponge scourer to scuff up the icing to create 'fur'.  I didn't have any new ones so had to use my imagination so I used my star piping nozzle instead and sort of twisted the nozzle all over the cake to create the effect.  Took a bit longer but I think it looks good!  You have to be careful though not to tear the icing.  Doing this also covered a multitude of sins in the icing which would normally not be so forgiving, so all those creases just vanished!!

Anyway, now just the monster cupcakes to create tonight to go with the cake all ready for the party on Saturday!

Update......The cupcakes were a huge success!  All the children at the party loved them and quite a few of the adults were eyeing them up as well.  I have to say I was extremely pleased with how they turned out!

 purple buttercream with a touch of purple glitter!

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