Monday, 19 September 2011

Wiggly Worm Cake

Charlie. S had his 6th birthday party at the weekend and for it I made a wiggly worm cake.  I'm not sure who was more impressed the adults or the kids!!

To be honest it wasn't as difficult as I had anticipated and I got it finished in 2 hours.  It did help that the sponges had been made the night before and then wrapped up & stored until needed.  This not only made them a lot easier to carve but also saved me a lot of time. The bottom layer was just one sponge and the top was 3 x 6" sponges stacked and then carved into smaller discs.

The chocolate icing (not a good thing to work with when you are meant to be eating healthy as it smells and tastes like chocolate!!!!) was rolled into a strip and then I rolled it up from one end and then un-rolled around the outside of the cake.  The green 'grass' was created by twisting my star piping nozzle into the green icing.  The icing has to be rolled out quite thick in order to take the indentations of the nozzle otherwise it will tear.

The worms were made by using flesh tone / peach icing rolled into balls and slightly flattened and then stuck together.

I was secretly very pleased with how my apple turned out though!!

 What else but worm cupcakes to accompany!

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  1. Oh how fabulous, the gardener in me simply adores yours cake and I would, if I had your skills make one of these, but not yet :( so I will just admire this handsome piece of work.