Friday, 30 September 2011

Birthday Daisy Cupcakes

My new cutters got a testing on Ve's cupcakes for her friends birthday.  Daisy plunge cutters...expensive but worth it as I think they look very effective.

The cakes were in purple, hot pink & pale pink cases and I matched the fondant daisy colour to the cake cases with a bit of glitter (of course!) in the centre.  I got a lovely new lilac glitter yesterday, the colour is just fab, so of course a little bit of that went on the purple fondant daisies!


  1. I need to invest in a 2D Nozzle, I have a 1M and I Love it!

  2. Hi Becky

    I use a piping nozzle set that I got from Lakeland. They are quite large stainless steel ones and there is a good selection to choose from.

    Put it on your xmas list!!

    Liz x