Friday, 28 October 2011

Cupcake Madness

Phew! Last week was all a bit chaotic with cupcake madness...Me & OH were planning a few days away on the Yorkshire coast but before that I had 84 cupcakes to bake, ice and decorate and everyone wanted them for Friday......Thursday was a loooooooong night!

The dining room was turned into an assembly line and baking commenced at 1900 hrs.....I finally finished at 1230 hrs and that included a delivery drop off as well so I don't think I did too bad.

I have decided to list them all separately as they were all for different people, the bulk of which were for Super Niece Chloe who was leaving her school and wanted to give all her classmates (all 36 of them!!) a cupcake to say goodbye.  She also very kindly gave some people 2 cakes if they had a little brother or sister, but didn't save Grandma and Grandad any!!  Anyway, in my rush to get them to my sisters that night so Chloe could take them in the morning with her to school, I forgot to take any pictures....duh!  But they were vanilla sponge with a small swirl of vanilla buttercream, topped with all different shades of blue stars with a sprinkling of blue glitter.  Apparently they went down very well which was nice.

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