Friday, 7 October 2011

Number One

I completed an order last night for a cake shaped as a number one.  Unbelievably it has taken me 2 days to do this cake (along with 16 cupcakes!).  Number cakes are a lot fiddlier than they look!

First was to bake 2 rectangles of sponge.  I just used my regular victoria sponge cake recipe and split the mixture between 2 tins, but the sponges looked slightly on the thin side so I then made another batch and just put all the mixture into one tin.  This made a better thickness of sponge and so they were all sandwiched together with jam and vanilla buttercream.

Then came hurdle wasn't level.  Grrrrrr.  Spent the next 30 mins levelling the cake.  Then I placed my carefully drawn template on top and started to cut.......

Hurdle not cut up lovely looking victoria sponge filled with lovely, lovely jam and buttercream when you are trying very hard to diet.  Obviously the cake had to be tested (quality control and all that!)  But oooh, the temptation to eat the rest of it was high!  Had to shout for OH to come and take the plate holding the off-cuts away.  He got rid of most of it by, well, eating it!!

Hurdle Three.......icing it!  Now you wouldn't think it would be that hard to cover a pretty much square shaped cake, well believe me it is.  But I got it done and it looked good, especially when the bow was put on.

After laboriously cutting out mini daisies and 'painting' their centres with pink lustre dust I was finally ready to decorate and finish the cake off.

16 cupcakes were done (vanilla & chocolate) decorated with little butterflies and flowers with a light dusting of lilac & pink glitter.  Perfect for any little girls' 1st birthday!

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