Friday, 3 February 2012

God-Daughter Birthday Cake

First cake of the new year for me.  This is for my god-daughters birthday tomorrow.

The flowers were done with varying sizes of blossom cutters and their edges just highlighted with lustre dust for a nice sheen.  I love this teal greeney blue coloured icing, it looks good alongside the duck egg blue icing used.

The 'name plate' was done with some letter cutters that the OH bought me a couple of Christmas' ago, they are great for 'stamping' which creates a great embossed letter.  You can use them as a cutter but I found that the letters were tricky to get out of the mould so I prefer to use them as a stamp.

So from having a lovely clutter free dining room over the Christmas and new year period, its reverted back......stuff everywhere!!  Oh well, back to normal then!!

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