Friday, 19 August 2011

Blue For a Boy.....(Daniel's Christening)

Christening cake finished!

This is a chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream filling covered in soft white fondant.  I have imprinted a paisley pattern on the icing to give a bit of texture and then dusted all over with snowflake lustre dust which just gives a nice sheen to the icing.  I decided to cover the whole board as well so that the building blocks with Daniel's name on stand out a bit more.

I have just bought some great new letter cutters which create a lot sharper edge on the letter (once I had figured out how to use them......don't you just love You Tube?!!)

The cake will be accompanied by cupcakes in a variety of different shades of blue cupcake cases (metallic, pastel etc) and will be a mix of chocolate and vanilla.

A busy Saturday for me; good job the football season has started as it means OH will be happily out of the house all day cheering (shouting) his team on!  There might be a spare cupcake for him for when he gets home if he's lucky!!

Everything was delivered to the venue and set up with the cupcakes on the stand.  Received lots of nice compliments about the cake which was lovely!

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