Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Little Girls Day Out

Favourite Niece in the World rang up the other week and told me that she had a cake order for me.  When asked what it was she told me that she would like a couple of bags of Snickerdoodles and some cake pops!!  Well, cake pops are a no go at the moment as I just find them very fiddly to do so I would rather not bother, so I persuaded her to have cupcakes instead.  She told me that her and her little friend Harika were going on a day out and they would like some treats!

As my payment for all these treats, she would come and stay at my house for the weekend.  Hmm, have I got the rough end of the deal here I wonder??!!!

She enjoyed the day out and they even shared with their mums!!

So here are Chloe & Harika's treats for their day out....

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