Monday, 15 August 2011

Busy August

What a busy month August is turning out to be!  I feel like I've not baked for ages and now need to get myself back up to speed and fast because its full on every weekend for the next few weeks!  This weekend I have a christening cake & cupcakes to prepare for.  Its going to be a chocolate covered sponge with a mixture of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

A few pictures of work in progress........

Word blocks to go at the front of the cake.  Lettering done with Jem Letters

Stars & hearts.  Some glittered, some lustre-dusted & some just left plain for contrast. 
A few will be placed around the cake

Baby Booties!  These will be going in the centre of the cake

The cupcakes will have booties placed on top of the icing

A few more ideas.......

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