Thursday, 29 March 2012

Dr Who

Its been a busy past two weeks!  I've done two novelty birthday cakes one being a 21st birthday cake in the form of a tardis from Dr Who.  I thought it would be a relatively simple cake to was square....didn't think it would take me long.......4 and a half HOURS later it was finished!!!  Good job I had baked the sponges the day before to give myself a bit of time!

This cake for some reason took a lot of blue icing, I used nearly 6 packs of it in covering the cake and whilst it looks quite plain, all the door panels and window panes were individually done.  I have in my possession quite a few embossing mats and had one which is a brick wall, this came in very handy for the background.  The grey was a little darker than I wanted (my own fault, I added too much black to the white icing!)

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