Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pirates Ahead......Treasure Chest

Its definitely a small old world we live in.  A friend of a friend recommended me to someone she knew who was looking for a birthday cake for her son, she in turn knew another one of my friends as their children go to the same school!  Anyway, a Treasure Chest was ordered for Matthews 5th Birthday and this is the result.

I have to say I was particularly pleased with how good this cake turned out.  It was really fun to do and easier than I had imagined.  I did panic and think I was going to run out of brown icing and bulk bought loads of the stuff and now I have loads of it left as it didn't use up as much as I had thought!!  I tell you its hard work dieting and making a cake out of chocolate flavoured fondant!!  The smell......mmmm, chocolate!!

This is a BIG cake, I did it on a 13" board and its heavy....very heavy!  The cake itself is 3 sponges covered in brown chocolate flavoured fondant which I patterned with a wood grain effect using an embossing mat.  I made scrolls out of white fondant mixed lightly with a pale brown to give a swirly effect and highlighted with gold lustre dust.  These were left to dry out so I could 'draw' on them with an edible ink pen.

The chest was filled with gold coins and sweet necklaces and the jewels dotted around the board are midget jems!

Lets hope Matthew & his pirate friends enjoy it!

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