Friday, 23 March 2012

Glittery Butterflies

Chief Taster put an order in for cupcakes with butterflies (not sure if she asked for glitter but she got it!) on top.  These colours in the photo's are a lot brighter than they are in real life, the icing is actually quite a delicate pink and the green butterflies are a lovely teal green shade.  Please forgive the photographs, I was trying to be  'artistic'  (just messing around really!).

I have used a different butterfly cutter to the one I usually use, this one is slightly bigger and doesn't have the wings embossed as with my usual plunger cutter, you could always roll over an embosser mat if you wanted to do patterns on them (never really thought of that when I was doing them last night....duh!) and I added 'bodies' to them which I think looked quite effective.

The cutter came free with that new cake decorating magazine that is out at the moment, I think I may subscribe to the magazine if only for the free gifts they give out with it, some of them are quite good!  I use the term 'magazine' loosely as its only about 10 pages long!!

I wonder if Chief Taster will try and pass them off as her own?????!!!!.................

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