Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Big Baking Weekend Ahead

The weekend is drawing closer and I have a lot of baking to do....First off I have to make the base cake for Imogen's Christening Cake.  Lorraine Pascale's finest chocolate cake recipe will be used, then that needs icing in preparation for the cake topper.  Then Saturday will be spent making up 48 cupcakes and icing and decorating them in preparation for delivery to the venue on Sunday...phew!!

I made a 'trial run batch' at the weekend and the reviews were good!
I was also testing the cupcases, the hot pink ones are foil and the others have little hearts on them which you can still see once the cakes are baked (if using a plain sponge).  I also had some with a butterfly pattern on but once the cakes were baked, you couldn't really see the butterfly's.  All were from Squires-Kitchen.

Hope it all goes smoothly on Sunday!!

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