Monday, 21 March 2011

Christening Cake Completed

Sunday was the day of the Christening.  Imogen looked lovely in her Christening gown and I received lots of compliments about the cake I had done and all those cupcakes.....  My dining room table was a production line on Saturday evening of cakes, glitter pots, hearts, butterflies, boxes etc.  It all got done in the end though and there were no hitches or glitches.

This was my first actual 'commission' and it felt very nice actually being paid to do something I enjoy, but it also felt a bit strange.  I sometimes feel a little embarrassed at asking money for the cakes as I am not a professional cake maker  and worry that people may not like what they see but just pay lip service to be nice and not hurt my feelings.  Other Half thinks I talk rot and thinks I should start charging people £5 for 12 cupcakes and £10 per cake just so my ingredient costs are covered at least.  He may have a point......

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