Friday, 25 March 2011

Black & White Cupcakes

I finished my black & white cupcake theme last night.  I was practising using a different method of icing where you cover the cupcake with buttercream to kind of make a flat surface and then cut a disc out of rolled fondant icing to place on top (I used scone cutters) and then you place whatever topper you like on the disc.

I have been practicing with flowers and made a few good ones (got some new cutters!)  I also bought some zebra cake boxes (Morrisons....quite cheap really) and along with the zebra cupcakes, I thought it all looked rather good!

Next week is going to be slightly hectic (again), I have 2 birthday cakes & party cupcakes to do and Mother's Day Cupcakes to make...all for at the weekend. Thats should keep me busy for a while!

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