Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Diet Cake.....

Is there such a thing I wonder?  Several people I know seemed all of a sudden to start dieting this week, everyone on an eternal search for low fat food and 'healthy options'.  My quest has been to find a low fat cake recipe that doesn't end up with a tasteless cake.  There seems to me very little point in eating something if it lacks any real flavour.

I have found two recipes that I am going to trial, both fall under the Slimming World banner.  One is for a fruit tea loaf and the other is for an orange sponge.  I hold out great hopes for the orange sponge as it basically just a fatless sponge cake where whisking the egg whites & yolks separately so that you get a meringue with the whites and by whisking the egg yolks for long enough it results in a mousse type mixture which has doubled in volume, literally combine the two, (folding in gently with flour), add orange zest & juice and hey presto, one fatless sponge!

I shall post the results after the testing has been done........

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