Monday, 21 March 2011

Successful 'Diet Cake'

Well, I have to say the diet tea loaf was a success!  I had two independent reviewers (well, the OH and Jess!) who both said the same would be great with custard!!  I think that might defeat the object of it being a 'diet cake' but the consensus was it was a hit.

I think it helped soaking the fruit overnight for them to gain maximum plumpness so its worth going to the extra bother.  The recipe itself couldn't be easier and there is no need for any fancy mixers etc, all very easy to do by hand....

Fat Free Tea Loaf
1 cup of cold black tea
8oz dried fruit
8oz self raising flour
2 beaten eggs
6 level tbsp of artificial sweetner
...Soak fruit in cold tea for a few hours or over night ,once soaked add all other ingredients to the fruit and tea mix well and place in a greased loaf tin cook for 40-50 mins at gas mark 4 or 180°C , leave to cool, slice into 15, 4 syns a slice

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